Your first meeting with LunchWorks is through an initial orientation, held every Thursday at 11:30 AM. Here you will meet a LunchWorks leader, learn our system in more detail and have your questions answered. Once you become a member, you are put into the “rotation”, where you will meet 3 to 4 different members weekly and be assigned to one of our exclusive restaurant partners. LunchWorks meetings are always on the same day and time each week, so it’s easy to schedule it in. If you can’t make it that week, you can send someone in your place or you simply don’t opt in. It’s that easy!


It's Simple

LunchWorks is a business networking group in which groups of 4 business owners, entrepreneurs and other business professionals meet once a week at a local restaurant to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals.


It's Fast

LunchWorks is relaxed, fun and engaging. You really get time to know the people you’re having lunch with and you can really connect with them. In turn, they will get to know you and what’s important to you and what you need to grow your business.


It's Effective

LunchWorks is a win-win-win-win situation because you’re building relationships, making connections, starting new friendships, and of course, getting new business.


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