Flix Brewhouse is America’s only first-run Cinema Brewery. Stop and think about that for a minute — the best blockbuster movies, amazing on-site brewed beer and delectable hand-made food all crafted by serious movie-beer-food folks. For those who believe that movie going should be so much more than just staring at a screen, Flix Brewhouse is a game-changer.

We’re on a mission during our short time in this world to make it a happier, craftier place.  We craft in our breweries, we craft in our kitchens and we are always trying to be better every single day.  We hone, we learn, and then we share our craft through film and fun… raising each other up and enjoying life’s sweet nectar every chance we get.

Address & Contact

Our Address

2200 S Interstate 35, Ste B1 Round Rock, Texas


30.488600, -97.680120



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