The Best Places to Photograph Albuquerque – Part 1

The Best Places to Photograph Albuquerque – Part 1

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Everyone is always wondering where to get the most epic photos in Albuquerque. Well, wonder know more, because I got the ultimate guide to getting the best places in Albuquerque to photograph from so you will be impressing your friends with amazing pictures of Albuquerque.


Located in the neighborhood behind the Wal-Mart on Coors and I-40, West Bluff Park gives you a massive scenic view of the Eastside of Albuquerque. From here you get the entire Sandia Mountains in your photo frame and with telephoto lenses you can get impressive closeups of downtown, the Sandia Mountains, or even your house. You will have thousands of photos to shoot when you get here and will never get bored. GOOGLE MAPS LINK HERE

Photo Courtesy of Inhabitants of Burque



Forest Road is the last road on Tramway just before you hit the turn that brings you down to Sandia Casino. It is quite possibly one of my favorite spots to photograph Albuquerque. The road goes all the way up to the La Luz trailhead, and all the way up the road, you have opportunities to photograph. If you want wide angle shots of the Sandias, or closeups of the radio towers on Sandia Peak, you have it all. Not to mention if you look west, you got some pretty impressive opportunities to photograph Albuquerque. GOOGLE MAPS LINK HERE 

Photo Courtesy of Inhabitants of Burque



If you want stunning shots of Downtown Albuquerque, then this is your spot. From here you get the perfect view of downtown with no obstacles to ruin your photograph. Just take Lomas to Woodward Pl, then park in the lab parking lot across from the Embassy Suites. Off to your left you will see a sidewalk that leads to the gazebo overlook. There is no better place then this to shoot downtown, and all the best photographers shoot here to get that stunning shot of Downtown Albuquerque. GOOGLE MAPS LINK HERE

Photo Courtesy of Inhabitants of Burque


We gave you three great spots to get started on your photography career and to help you get the best photos of Albuquerque. If you try these spots out, you will be sure to impress everyone with your photos. Stay tuned for Part 2 because we will be bringing you more incredible places to photograph Albuquerque.