Local Albuquerque Beers to Fix Any Mood

Local Albuquerque Beers to Fix Any Mood

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Did something happen to you today that screwed up your mood? Well, don’t worry because we have the perfect Albuquerque beers to fix any mood. All you have to do is find the mood you are in and drink the beer that cures your mood. We aren’t doctors, but we are sure this will be a step in the right direction.

MOOD: My Partner Just Broke Up With Me and I Want to Cry Myself to Sleep

Did you have a bad break up today? Did the love of your life go on a date with someone else? No worries my friend because La Cumbre has the perfect beer for you. In these times when you are struggling with a near emotional breakdown, you need a strong beer to rescue you, The La Cumbre Malpais Stout. Brewed with seven different malts to creamy perfection, this 7.5% ABV beer will be strong enough to overcome any emotion you are having. Plus, if you drink two of these, you are likely to forget just about everything. Just ask the person that was crying thirty minutes before you got there, but is now dancing on top of the bar. Told you it works.

Photo Courtesy of John Chavez



MOOD: Why the Hell is Albuquerque So Hot? I Think I Am Going To Die of Heatstroke!

Is the heat in Albuquerque making you crazy? Well, that isn’t unusually and their are many people going through the same thing you are. Don’t worry though, just head on down to Marble Brewery for the perfect fix. When you are at their newly designed tap room, grab yourself a Wildflower Wheat. This light, incredibly tasty beer will put a spring in your step with its hints of New Mexico wildflower honey. Plus, with a rating of 5.6% ABV, it won’t put you over the edge, but just give you enough love to forget the heat.

Photo Courtesy of Marble Brewery

MOOD: I Hate My Boss, Not to Mention My Job

Is your boss being a real jerk? I know the feeling. You already hate your 9 to 5 job, but on top of that you have a boss that makes the situation worse. Do think there are no solutions to this problem? Well, you are wrong, because we have beer. When you find yourself in this position, just head on down to Bosque Brewing and pick up a Riverwalker IPA. Blended with carmel and wheat malts and a rating of 6.5% ABV, this is a beer that will put you in a pleasant mood and start that buzz off in the right direction. You will be forgetting your job and boss in no time.

Photo Courtesy of abqbeer.com


MOOD: Comcast Just Overcharged Me Again for Internet That Only Works Half The Time. I Want to Scream

So that Comcast bill came in and you owe over two hundred dollars, but the internet hasn’t even worked for two weeks. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. We all know Comcast Internet sucks, but you don’t have to stay home slamming the modem into the ground trying to get the internet to work. Instead, head on down to Red Door Brewing and pickup Gateway Blonde. This light, sexy beer will turn your moods in an instant. Plus, with a rating of only 4.9% ABV, you will still be able to throw the modem around when you get home and might be a tad bit wittier if you happen to call up the Comcast hotline to complain.

Photo Courtesy of Red Door Brewery


MOOD: I Just Got Another Parking Ticket!

Did the city’s parking enforcement just slip another ticket under your windshield wiper? Do you feel scammed? Well, we don’t blame you. Don’t let another ticket ruin your day. Instead head down to Chama Brewery and pickup when of my favorite beer, the Broken Spoke Honey Wheat Ale. Just enough beer at 5.0% ABV, but probably one of the most delicious beers in town. Slam one of these and sip the second, and you will be excited when you think about paying that ticket.


MOOD: I Was Just Rescued from a Flooded Arroyo

Did the AFD just recuse you from an arroyo? Well, you should be happy to be alive, but I also know you want a beer. In times where you find yourself barely escaping La Llorona’s grasp, head down to Il Vicino Canteen and pick up a Pigtail Pilsner. It is time to take that tail from between your legs and get it back in the air. No need to stress about your adventure when you have this 5.3% ABV beer. It has just the kick to get your confidence back.

Photo Courtesy of Il Vicino


If you don’t fall into any of these moods, then you are lucky. If you do, try this out and see how your mood improves. If you need any more reason to try this great list out, just go down to a local grocery store and try out the standard 6-pack large retail beers.  We think you’ll be back instead!